The Sisters of the Omicron Chapter

Outshining Omegas
Spring 2018

PEs: Amy Zheng *Azkaban* & Erin Knapton *Neptune*

Mai Cooper *Vosges*

#106 Mai Cooper
Nickname: Vosges
Big Sister: Angeline To *Vyenchi*
Little Sister: - -
Ethnicity: Vietnamese and Chinese
Status: Active
Positions: MCGC Delegate
Year and Major: 3rd-Psychology
Favorite Quote: Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.
-Vincent Van Gogh


#108 Glyn He
Nickname: REVENTÓN
Big Sister: Krizza Yanga *BAMF*
Little Sister: - -
Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Status: Active
Positions: Secretary, Alumnae Relations, Fundraising Chair
Year and Major: 2nd-Accounting
Favorite Quote:Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
-Robert Frost

Ayaka Jasmine Vonil *Regera*

#109 Ayaka Jasmine Vonil
Nickname: Regera
Big Sister: Felicia Woo *Maybach*
Little Sister: - -
Ethnicity: Japanese, African-American
Status: Alumna
Year and Major: Senior-Human Development and Family Science
Favorite Quote: Live the life you love; love the life you live.-Bob Marley

Jamie Jiang *Spirytus*

#110 Jamie Jiang
Nickname: Spirytus
Big Sister: Chelsea Shi *Stormcloud*
Little Sister: - -
Ethnicity: Chinese
Status: Active
Positions: Sisterhood Chair
Year and Major: 3rd-Finance
Favorite Quote: The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.-Arthur C. Clarke

Sammy Choi *Oblivion*

#111 Sammy Choi
Nickname: Oblivion
Big Sister: Gemma Lagasca *Arsenal* (Reno A)
Little Sister: - -
Ethnicity: Chinese-Cantonese
Status: Active
Positions: Banquet Chair
Year and Major: 3rd-Public Health
Favorite Quote: Not All Who Wander Are Lost. -J.R.R. Tolkien