The Alumnae Society

Heather Gray Society

Jee Choi (Anniversary Club)
Tina Nam (Anniversary Club)

Fraternite Society

Tina Fong (Anniversary Club)

Servitium Society

Jenny Teng Balingcongan
Jenny Jung
Donna Lee (Anniversary Club)
Sarah Spencer (Anniversary Club)
Joyce Xu (Anniversary Club)

Varietas Society

Aileen Nguyen
Esther Sim
Helen Son
Stacey Lin
Toy Rassavong

1995 Society

Alberta Lui
Crystal Horkans
Justine Sanchez
Veronica Ng
Ashley Xu
Stacy Zhang
Helena Yim
Jennifer Jeng
Crystal Tam
Chelsea Lechner
Lin Haldeman
Holly Choi
Tiffany Tse
Ashley Coolman
Amy Nguyen
Grace Choi
Jenni Villaflor
Selina Tang
Vida Law (Anniversary Club)
Natalie Park (Anniversary Club)
Joni Choi (Anniversary Club)
Cindy Yan
Erica Lam (Anniversary Club)
Omicron Chapter Actives

Additional societies will be added and named after Alumnae with lifetime gifts over the current highest tier.

Past Alumnae Committee Scholarship Recipients

2010Lin Haldeman *Maretti*
2011Ashley Coolman *Mazzei*
2012Amy Nguyen *Emery*
2013Selina Tang *Pucca*
2014Kat Lazarte *Victini*
2015Jenny Chen *ARDENTE*
2016Angela Lee *Arkham*
2017Vicky Chen *Vivani*