The Sisters of the Omicron Chapter

Notorious Deltas
Winter 2005

PEs: Jee-Young Choi *Kiyone* & Tianna Thuy-Anh Nguyen *ACID*

Stacey Lin *Jila*

#20 Stacey Lin
Nickname: Jila
Big Sister: Missy Maw *Sorbet*
Little Sister: Elaine Tam *Jols*
Ethnicity: Chinese-Fujianese
Status: Alumna

Tina Fong *Zephyr*

#21 Tina Toijee Fong
Nickname: Zephyr
Big Sister: Marie Ebright *Crave*
Little Sisters:
1. Qiannan Stacy Zhang *Quicksand*
2. Yiming Chang *Typhoon* (ψΒ)
3. Ammie Hui *Bristol* (Miami Β)
4. Michelle Han *Nautilus* (πΜ)
5. Lena Chhay *Incendio* (Denver Charter)
6. Micah Morales *Monsoon*
7. Erin Knapton *Neptune*
Ethnicity: Chinese
Status: Alumna
Position: National Board Historian
Favorite Quote: Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up, never give in. -10th and War Doctor

Stefanie Dyer *Jordan*

#22 Stefanie Dyer
Nickname: Jordan
Big Sister: Missy Maw *Sorbet*
Little Sister: Donna Lee *Baci*
Ethnicity: Italian
Status: Alumna