The Sisters of the Omicron Chapter

Crazy Sexy Cool Charters
Spring 2003

PE: Wendy Chan *Kahlua* (αΔ)

"On May 31, 2003, seven young women established Kappa Phi Lambda at The Ohio State University. These seven women sought out to establish an organization where women could be part of an eternal sisterhood and at the same time be able to share their ideas and opinions to make a difference in the community. With hard work, dedication, and determination, these seven women established a Kappa Phi Lambda Omicron Chapter at The Ohio State University."

Aileen Nguyen *Nala*

#2 Aileen Nguyen
Nickname: Nala
Big Sister: Anna Si *Sassette* (αΓ)
Little Sister: Veronica Ng *Minako
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Status: Alumna

Gina Cho *Velma*

#3 Gina Cho
Nickname: Velma
Big Sister: Katherine Prudente *Bubbles* (εΔ)
Little Sisters:
1. Jee-Young Choi *Kiyone*
2. Crystal Horkans *Ryo-Ohki*
3. Bi-Lan Nguyen *Mihoshi* (ρCharter)
Ethnicity: Chinese
Status: Alumna

Esther Lee *Moët*

#4 Esther Lee
Nickname: Moët
Big Sister: Angela Kang *Menuet* (δΔ)
Little Sisters:
1. Tianna Nguyen *ACID*
2. Jenny Jung *Ayala*
Ethnicity: Korean
Status: Alumna
Favorite Quote: [Simplify] your life by [Prioritizing] what's truly important; [Invest] in your relationship with God and everything else will fall into place. -Me

Alberta Lui *Shakes*

#5 Alberta Lui
Nickname: Shakes
Big Sister: Sarah Wong *Splash* (δΔ)
Little Sister: Kristina Chairit *Shooter*
Ethnicity: Chinese
Status: Alumna

Helen Son *Milano*

#6 Helen Son
Nickname: Milano
Big Sister: Mabel Yip *Ginger* (αΝ)
Little Sisters:
1. Missy Maw *Sorbet*
2. Helen Yim *Palisade*
Ethnicity: Korean
Status: Alumna
Favorite Quote: Do small things with great love. -Mother Teresa

Jenny Teng-Balingcongan *Vibe*

#7 Jenny Balingcongan
Nickname: Vibe
Big Sister: Susan Young Ae Lee *Glo* (μ Charter)
Little Sisters:
1. Justine Sanchez *Lucid*
2. Michele Worthy *Luire*
Ethnicity: Filipina/Chinese
Status: Alumna

Audrey Pai *Tracer*

#8 Audrey Pai
Nickname: Tracer
Big Sister: Joy Sarsale *Dynamite* (αΓ)
Little Sisters:
1. Marie Ebright *Crave*
2. Angie Kim *Clutch* (πΔ)
3. Akane Tsuji *Moxie* (Miami Charter)
Ethnicity: Korean
Status: Alumna