Although it is difficult to describe, the bond of sisterhood is a common light that burns passionately in each and every sister. We embrace a unique relationship based on friendship, respect, and a shared vision. Wherever we go, and no matter how long ago we were initiated, each sister is connected and important to the sorority. With a network of sisters spanning across the globe, we can find comfort in knowing that Kappa extends so much further beyond our own university. There's no sisterhood like the Kappa sisterhood!

What Sisterhood Means to Us

Sisterhood is feeling accepted for being yourself, and giving and receiving unconditional support from each other. -Joyce Xu *Fortify*

My sisters are the people that are there to celebrate my triumphs and see me through my struggles. It's more than friendship; it's a bond that transcends race, religion, age, background, and way of life. It's finding an unconditional love in the most unexpected people. It's the comfort in knowing that no matter where you find yourself in life, you will always have a home with your sisters. -Krizzia Yanga *BAMF*

Sisterhood is a bond that never fades despite distance, time, or circumstance. Sisterhood isn't temporary or circumstantial. It's forever and always. -Amanda Lin *Kerberos*

Sisterhood is family—a place where I feel safe, supported, loved and know for sure that no matter where, when, or what, sisters will always be there for me. -Selina Tang *Pucca*

Sisterhood is the inspiration to broaden my horizon, the support that enables me to be who I am, the cherished memories we share together, the affection for someone I never met, and the sacrifices made without an expectation of a reward. Sisterhood is the feeling that I never want to let go of. -Natalie Park *Revitalize*

Sisterhood is a bond beyond just understanding. -Vida Law *Latitude*

Sisterhood is knowing you will always have a sister to support you through your hardest times and share your happiness when you're at your best - and vice versa. Your sisters will be the ones who are in your favorite memories, and they are the ones you will still keep in contact with long after you graduate, get your first big girl job, and get married. Sisterhood is forever, and one of the greatest things you will ever treasure. -Anna Chang *SkyyBomb*

Sisterhood is familiarity coupled with acceptance. It is familiarity that allows oneself to open and bare her soul without any hindrance, and mutual acceptance that embraces every crack, flaw, and discoloration. It is a driving force that, when the bond between two sisters may be challenged, pushes them through to "infinity and beyond" together. Finally it is an aged intimacy that allows sisters to meet up again after any period of time and sink into that old almost but never forgotten kinship. -Mae LaPresta *Delizia*

Sisterhood is a bond that can't be broken. It means accepting each other for all each others' flaws and knowing that no matter what, you'll always be by each others' side. Sisterhood is a second family because you know you'll have these people in your life forever. This bond is really strong because sisters have seen each other at each others' best and their worst. It is where you can find happiness easily because of the people who understand you. -Joni Choi *Novanta*

Sisterhood is the kind of friendship that has the potential to be lifelong. It's not something that just happens naturally. Sisterhood is something that you continuously have to work on. You might not know it, but there are sisters who have gone through the same things that you have experienced in life. They are the ones you can rely on during hard times and hopefully, they can rely on you as well in times of need. -Katrina Lazarte *Victini*

Sisterhood is more like a family for me here in U.S. since I'm so far away my home, but what I really found is more than family. -Cindy Yan *Mokona*

Sisterhood is a union of hearts that involves friendship with commitment to loving each other authentically and unconditionally each day. A love that allows you to share with each other honestly, knowing that you'll be accepted, and that whatever trial you're going through you'll be encouraged to grow and move forward. Sisters always got each other's back too. Even if they haven't known you that well at first, they will love you and continue to get to know you. Sisterhood is a bond practically sealed for life. -Maria Tan *Chihiro*

Sisterhood is a bond between people. Sisters are not connected by their blood or common pastimes or favorite food. They are, instead, connected by shared experiences and the desire for the best for the other person. Sisterhood is truly caring about the well-being of the other person. It is truly being happy for the other person's achievements in life. Sisterhood is being separated for a period of time and still sharing laughs the moment the two are reunited. Sisterhood is one of the most powerful connections in the world because the bond lasts a lifetime. -Loan Bui *Intention*